The engine has several parts to which the form-in-place gasket (FIPG) is used. To sufficiently achieve the aims of this gasket, it is necessary to pay attention to the application amount, procedure, and surface status.
If the application amount is too small, a leakage will occur. If the application amount is excessive, the FIPG will overflow and cause a clogging or narrowing of water and oil paths. Therefore, to eliminate the leak from the joint, it is indispensable that the FIPG be applied with a correct amount and without any gap.
Because the FIPG used for the engine parts becomes hardened by the reaction with the atmospheric moisture, it is normally used for the metal flange section.

caution Reapply the FIPG with care to the followings.

  1. Completely remove the old FIPG including the residue in gaps of parts.
  2. Using Mitsubishi genuine parts cleaner (MZ100387) or equivalent, degrease the FIPG application surface carefully.
  3. According to the FIPG application procedures, apply it accurately.


The parts installed with the FIPG can be disassembled easily without using any special method. However, in some cases, it is necessary to tear the sealant in between the mating surfaces by tapping the parts with a wooden hammer or similar tools. It is acceptable to lightly hit in a smooth, thin gasket scraper into the mating surface, but, in this case, a sufficient caution is required not to damage the mating surface. The oil pan FIPG cutter (Special tool: MD998727) is provided. Thus, use this special tool.


Use a gasket scraper or wire brush to completely remove all the foreign materials adhering to the gasket surface. Check that the FIPG application surface is smooth. There must be no grease or foreign material adhesion to the gasket surface. Do not forget to remove the old FIPG remaining in the mounting hole and tapped hole.


Apply the FIPG with a specified diameter and without any gap. Completely enclose around the mounting hole. When the FIPG is not hardened, it can be wiped off. Install the parts immediately after applying the FIPG. At the time of installation, prevent the FIPG from adhering to locations other than it is necessary. After the installation, until a sufficient period of time (one hour or more) elapses, do not contact the oil or water to the application area. Also, do not start the engine. Because the FIPG application procedure may differ depending on the application area, apply the FIPG according to the procedure described in the text.