• All the works must be performed with the power supply shut off (remove the service plug, etc.: low-tension electricity work certificate is required).
  • Taking of special safety training is mandatory for the removal and installation work of high voltage system parts. When the work is outsourced to agency who has not taken the special safety training, always hand the vehicle with the relevant components* removed.
note *: The relevant components indicate the parts found around the damaged area, and also include the high voltage system parts that may interfere with the body paining work.
  • Because the body earth is not implemented with the high voltage system parts, they are not easily affected by MIG and spot welding. They do not need to be removed. However, they must be protected from spatter and arc.
  • Before using the painting booth, in principle, remove the drive battery.
  • Do not heat the main battery to 60°C* or higher. (Due to rapid deterioration)
  • Even when using a panel heater or spot heater, remove the main battery if the drive battery temperature may become 60°C or higher.
note *: As a guideline, the main battery temperature will be kept at 60°C or lower with the booth work that satisfies all the following three items.

  • Temperature inside the factory is 30°C or lower.
  • Painting booth temperature is set at 70°C or lower.
  • Drying time is within 60 minutes.

Flow when an accident-damaged vehicle is brought in

note For the acceptance judgement of drive battery indicated with *, refer to .