How to reset failure information in the CMU EEPROM <PHEV>

The CMU stores failure information in its own EEPROM. If a diagnosis code related to that failure information is detected, take a necessary action and then reset the failure information.


1.Turn off the power supply mode of the electric motor switch. Then connect the M.U.T.-III to the diagnosis connector.
2.Make the READY (ready to drive) indicator illuminate.
3.From the System select Screen of the M.U.T.-III, select the "CMU 01".
4.Select the "Special Function" from the CMU 01 screen.
5.Select the "Reset" from the Special Function screen
6.Select the "EEPROM Failure information" from the Reset screen
7.Press the OK button, and reset the failure information in the EEPROM.
8.Return to the system selection screen on the M.U.T.-III, and repeat the same steps for the other CMUs.
9.Turn off the power supply mode of the electric motor switch, and then disconnect the M.U.T.-III.