For inspection procedures, standard values and limit values other than described below, refer to GROUP 11B - Inspection .


Oil clearance can be easily measured by using a "Plastigage."
When using a "Plastigage," perform measurement in the following procedure.
1.Fully wipe oil off the outside diameter of the crankshaft and inside diameter of the bearing.
2.Assemble the crankshaft.

3.Place a Plastigage in length equal to the bearing width on the journal shaft straight in alignment with the shaft centre.
4.Carefully install the bearing cap and tighten the bolt according to the main point of installation >>B<<.
5.Remove the bolt, and then carefully remove the crankshaft bearing cap.

6.Measure the crushed Plastigage width (area most widely crushed) using a scale printed on the Plastigage bag.
Standard value: 0.024 - 0.042 mm
Limit: 0.1 mm