Pre-removal and post-installation operation
  • ETACS-ECU removal and installation (Remove the ETACS-ECU with the wires connected)


1.Check the electric motor switch turned OFF, and connect M.U.T.-III.
2.Turn the power supply mode of the electric motor switch to ON, and illuminate the READY (ready to drive) indicator.
3.Operate the selector lever and the electrical parking switch from P to N and vice versa.
4.Check that the following data list display contents by M.U.T.-III. (Refer to ).

  1. Item 25: Lock learning count
  2. Item 26: Unlock learning count
5.Calculate an initial learning quantity value with the equation of "b - a".
6.Check the initial learning quantity.
Standard value: 326 to 492
7.If over the standard value, replace the front transaxle assembly.
8.if under the standard value, carry out troubleshooting for diagnosis code P1033. (Refer to GROUP 54D - Code No.P1033: Electrical parking lock initial learning failure ).