Inspection Procedure 14: Abnormal sound occurs during gear shift.


note Inspection items for abnormal sound
  1. Check of sound source and incoming route (radiated sound, propagation sound, resonance, etc.), and measurement at driver’s seat, front passenger’s seat, and rear passenger’s seat
  2. Change of sound during cold and after warm up (Change of fluid, and hydraulic pressure)
  3. Change of sound with the throttle valve opening (engine output change, hydraulic pressure change)
  4. Change of sound on a flat road, upslope, and downslope
  5. Check of tone


STEP 1. Check the installation of the transmission control cable, damping device, and sound isolation device.

Q. Is the check result normal?

Go to Step 2.
Repair the failure, and perform adjustment.

STEP 2. Compare with another same model vehicle.

Q. Is there a difference from the same model vehicle?

Go to Step 3.
The procedure is complete.

STEP 3. Remove the transmission assembly from the vehicle.

Disassemble and check the transmission assembly to check if there is a foreign material inside.

Q. Is the check result satisfactory?

Replace the transmission assembly.
Replace the failure part.