When repairing or replacing the tyre to which the flat tyre temporary repair kit has been used, drain the flat tyre temporary repair agent (hereafter referred to as repair agent) from the tyre as follows.

note The draining of repair agent requires the following items: a container for draining the repair agent (empty bottle of repair agent); and the injection hose and draining hose that are included in the flat tyre temporary repair kit.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area equipped with a local exhaust ventilation or a similar system.
  • Always use proper protections to prevent any contact of repair agent against eyes, skin, mucous membrane, and cloth.
  • After the operation, wash hands and face well.
1.Remove the wheel from the vehicle, and bleed the tyre.

2.Using a knife, cut out the valve rubber area.
3.Connect the filling hose to the empty bottle of the repair agent, and connect the draining hose to the filling hose.

4.Place the tyre onto the table, and insert the hose through the hole cut out in place of the valve, so that the end of the hose connected to the empty bottle of repair agent sinks below the liquid level.

5.Set the bottle below the tyre as far as possible, and pressurize the bottle with hands to pump the repair agent from the tyre. Repeat the operation for 2 to 3 times to pump the repair agent from the tyre as much as possible.
6.After draining the repair agent, remove the tyre from the wheel and wipe off the repair agent adhered to the tyre. If a punctured point can be identified, repair it with the ordinary procedures. If a punctured point cannot be identified, replace the tyre.