Before starting this inspection, check the vacuum line (refer to ).

1.Disconnect the vacuum hose from the brake booster side, then connect a vacuum gauge. Connect another vacuum hose between the vacuum gauge and brake booster.

2.Observe either of the procedures below to check the brake electric vacuum pump. The brake electric vacuum pump is judged as "Good" when the vacuum gauge reading is -80 kPa or lower.
(1) Not using M.U.T.-III
.....1. Disconnect the connector for brake electric vacuum pump as shown, and supply 12 V of power to the brake electric vacuum pump for 30 seconds.
(2) When using M.U.T.-III
.....1. Turn off the power supply mode of the electric motor switch. Then connect the M.U.T.-III to the diagnosis connector.
.....2. Turn the power supply mode of the electric motor switch to ON.
.....3. From the system selection screen of M.U.T.-III, select "PHEV-ECU".
.....4. From the PHEV-ECU screen, select "Special function - Test".
.....5. Select the item No. 3 "Vacuum pump actuate".