1.With the engine running, position the front wheel in the straight ahead direction.
2.Measure the circumferential steering wheel play until the front wheels actually start operating while turning the steering wheel slightly in the left and right directions.
Limit value: 30 mm or less
3.If the steering wheel play exceeds the limit value, check the steering shaft joint or steering linkage for looseness, and replace or repair the faulty components if necessary.
4.If the steering wheel play still exceeds the limit value after Step 3 is performed, turn the engine off, position the steering wheel in the straight ahead position, and then apply the force (approximately 5 N) in the circumferential direction.
At this time, check if the circumferential steering wheel play is within the standard value.
Standard value: 16.5 mm or less
5.If the steering wheel play is outside the standard value after Step 4 is performed, remove the steering gear and linkage, and check and adjust the pinion total rotation torque(Refer to ).