Code No.B1176 Reserve charge circuit

diagnosis code stored CONDITIONS



STEP 1. Voltage measurement at EV remote-ECU connector (WUCI terminal).

(1)Disconnect the connector, and measure at the wiring harness side.
(2)Check the voltage between the EV remote-ECU connector (WUCI terminal) and body earth.
OK: Approximately 5 V

Q. Is the check result normal?

Go to Step 3.
Go to Step 2.

STEP 2. Check of open circuit in WUCI line between on board charger/DC-DC converter connector and EV remote-ECU connector.

Q. Is the check result normal?

Replace the on board charger/DC-DC converter.
Repair the connector(s) or wiring harness.

STEP 3. Check whether the diagnosis code is stored again.

Check if the diagnosis code is stored in EV remote-ECU.
(1)Erase the diagnosis code.
(2)Turn the power supply mode of the electric motor switch from OFF to ON.
(3)Execute the actuator test "Circuit fault detection".
(4)Check if the diagnosis code is stored.

Q. Is the diagnosis code stored?

Replace the EV remote-ECU.
The trouble can be an intermittent malfunction (Refer to GROUP 00 - How to use Troubleshooting/inspection Service Points - How to Cope with Intermittent Malfunction ).