Inspection Procedure 10: "Parking location check" is impossible. (headlamps/taillamps)

  • Before replacing the ECU, ensure that the power supply circuit, the earth circuit and the communication circuit are normal.


When "Parking location check (headlamps/taillamps)" does not work, the CAN bus lines, the ETACS-ECU circuit (headlamps/taillamps) or the EV remote-ECU may be defective.



STEP 1. M.U.T.-III CAN bus diagnostics

Use M.U.T.-III to diagnose the CAN bus lines.

Q. Is the check result normal?

Go to Step 2.

Repair the CAN bus lines. (Refer to GROUP 54C - Troubleshooting .)

STEP 2. Check whether the diagnosis code is stored again.

Check again if the diagnosis code is stored in the EV remote-ECU.
(1)Erase the diagnosis code.
(2)Turn the power supply mode of the electric motor switch from OFF to ON.
(3)Check if diagnosis code is stored.

Q. Is the diagnosis code stored?

Troubleshoot the EV remote-ECU. Refer to .

Go to Step 3.

STEP 3. Operation check by using the lighting switch

Check whether the headlamps and the taillamps work normally when the lighting switch is operated.

Q. Is the check result normal?

The trouble can be an intermittent malfunction (Refer to GROUP 00 - How to use Troubleshooting/Inspection Service Points - How to Cope with Intermittent Malfunction ).

NO (headlamps does not work) : Troubleshoot the headlamp.

NO (taillamps does not work) : Troubleshoot the headlamp and rear combination lamp.