Inspection Procedure 5: GPS signal cannot be received.

caution Whenever the multivision display is replaced, ensure that the power supply circuit and the earthing circuit are normal. (Check that the voltage is 10 V or more.)


The GPS antenna or the multivision display may be defective.


  • Malfunctions of GPS antenna
  • Malfunctions of multivision display


STEP 1. Confirmation in MMCS service mode

Perform "Communications & Connection Check" in the MMCS service mode to check that the communication and wire connection with the GPS antenna are OK. (Refer to .)

Q. Is the check result normal?

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STEP 2. Check for the vehicle’s current position.

Check that the vehicle is parked on a well-ventilated place.

Q. Is the vehicle parked on a well-ventilated place?

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Move the vehicle to a well-ventilated area.

STEP 3. Confirming GPS signal reception

(1)Start the multivision display.
(2)Press the "INFO" button.
(3)Select "GPS Information".
(4)Wait for 5 minutes, and then check whether GPS signal can be received.

Q. Can GPS signal be received?

The diagnosis is complete. (There is no failure)
Go to Step 4

STEP 4. Substitute a known good multivision display, and check the trouble symptom.

(1)Temporarily replace the multivision display.
(2)Start the multivision display.
(3)Press the "INFO" button.
(4)Select "GPS Information".
(5)Check if the GPS signals are being received after 5 minutes have elapsed.

Q. Is the check result normal?

Replace the multivision display.
Replace the GPS antenna.