Code No. P0513: Incorrect Immobilizer key

caution If there is any problem in the CAN bus lines, an incorrect diagnosis code may be stored. Prior to this diagnosis, diagnose the CAN bus lines (Refer to GROUP 54C - CAN Bus Diagnostics Table ).


  • The PHEV-ECU stores diagnosis code No. P0513 when it cannot authenticate the immobiliser.
  • This code may be also stored due to radio interference when some authorised keyless operation keys are placed during an attempted engine start.
  • This code may be also stored when you attempt to register an transponder ID.
  • This code will be also stored when a keyless operation key cannot be authenticated.
  • This code is also stored in the OSS-ECU.


  • Malfunction of OSS-ECU
  • Malfunction of PHEV-ECU
  • The keyless operation key cannot be authenticated or is defective.


1.M.U.T.-III other system diagnosis code (OSS-ECU). Refer to GROUP 42B- diagnosis code chart (OSS-ECU) .
2.Check whether the diagnosis code is stored again.