• When refrigerant is charged, use the special tools for the EV30AN3 compressor to fill up the refrigerant, because it is different from the normal compressor oil. (If the normal compressor oil is mixed, damage may be resulted in.)
  • For the compressor oil and installation oil for the piping O-ring, use the oil MA68EV dedicated for the A/C compressor EV24AN. If an oil other then the MA68EV is used, even if it is only a small amount, the electric insulation is considerably deteriorated and a leakage may occur.
  • Never charge the refrigerant excessively, or the A/C system may be damaged.
  • Always keep away thermal ignition sources, electrical sparks or flame impact from the refrigerant. In the presence of flame, refrigerant forms a poisonous gas. Keep the area well ventilated.
  • Recover the refrigerant according to the specified procedure. Never release it into the atmosphere.
Drain the refrigerant by using MOR405JH-type flon recovery equipment (part number: MZ204413), and fill by the specified amount.