1.To drain and charge the refrigerant, it is recommended that the following recovery equipment is used.

  • MOR405JH-type flon recovery equipment (part number MZ204413)
    Follow the recovery equipment manufacturer’s instructions on draining and charging the refrigerant.

2.The following commercial tools are recommended for charging the refrigerant and measuring the refrigerant pressure.

  • Gas charging set [part number: EA95 (R134a)]
  • Gas charging set case (part number: EA101CS-2)
  • Gauge manifold (part number: EA101N-1)
  • Valve for service can (refrigerant container) (part number: EA108N)
  • Adapter valve (part number: EA104AD-3)
    note Tightening the adapter valve handle (turning clockwise) opens the valve, and loosening it (turning anticlockwise) closes the valve.
  • Low-pressure quick joint (part number: EA413L)
  • High-pressure quick joint (part number: EA413H)
  • Charging hose (red, part number EA104N-1)
  • Charging hose (blue, part number EA104N-2)
  • Charging hose (yellow, part number EA104N-3)
  • Vacuum pump (part number: EA112A)
  • Vacuum pump adapter (part number: EA112X)
note The recommended commercial tools can be obtained from Koshida-tech Co. Ltd in northern areas including Kanto area, or Ryowa Co. Ltd in western areas including Chubu area.