The Outlander PHEV inherits and enhances "advanced technology", "environmentally friendliness" and "texture" which are main design concepts of the Outlander. The Outlander PHEV is "Simple and clean" advanced and high-quality "ecologically friendly" SUV, which is completely different from the conventional SUV.


  1. The upper grille boasts of an elaborate and high-quality image by harmonising chrome and high-gross black paint.
  2. The middle grille boasts of high-grade image by wide and thin chrome frame and bars.
  3. The aluminium wheels express a technical and vivid image by thin machined spokes.
  4. The rear combination lamps express a technical and advanced image by surface-emitting and tube-emitting LEDs.
  5. The colour scheme is a mono-tone, which expresses a solid and urbane image.
  6. Emblems are simple, modest and dark blue, which appeals clean and ECO-friendly image.