The cruise control system has been changed as follows due to the introduction of PHEV models.

In the situation that a vehicle speed is gradually increased without driver’s intention on downhill etc, speed limiter* is a driver assist function to prevent from exceeding the speed set by driver.
note *: Adjustable speed limiter



Outputs the cruise control cancel signal to the PHEV-ECU.
Accelerator pedal position sensor
Informs the PHEV-ECU of the accelerator pedal depression.
Cruise control display screen
When the cruise control ON/OFF switch is pressed, a screen will be displayed to inform the driver that the cruise control system is active.
Speed limiter display screen
When the speed limiter ON/OFF switch is pressed, a screen will be displayed to inform the driver.
Cruise control switches
Cruise control ON/OFF switch
Power switch for cruise control system.
Speed limiter ON/OFF switch
Turn ON/OFF the speed limiter.
RES + switch

  • Vehicle speed is set with the RES + switch and SET - switch.
  • Set vehicle speed of speed limiter is set with the RES + switch and SET - switch.

SET - switch
CANCEL switch

  • Cancels the constant speed driving.
  • Cancel speed limiter in the activated mode.

Diagnosis connector
If the M.U.T.-III is connected, the diagnosis code and data list from the PHEV-ECU can be read.

  • Calculates a drive torque according to the input signals from sensors and switches, and then send the corresponding signals to the FPDU, the RMCU and the engine-ECU.
  • Sends cruise control ON/OFF signals to the cruise control screen.
  • The diagnosis codes and data list of the cruise control system is sent to the diagnosis connector.

Stop lamp switch

  • The constant speed driving is cancelled by the brake operation, the brake pedal operation is detected.
  • As for the stop lamp switch, two built-in switches, the stop lamp switch which is also used for the stop lamp illumination and the brake switch which is used exclusively for the cruise control, are integrated, and thus the reliability is enhanced.