The adaptive cruise control (ACC) system has been changed as follows due to the introduction of PHEV models.




  • Controls the ACC according to the signal from the PHEV-ECU and the status of ACC/cruise control/adjustable speed limitation.
  • Signals of the ACC status (off, standby, active, temporary fail and system fail) are changed state and sent.
  • Acceleration/deceleration are calculated from the ACC status, subject vehicle speed and data which the radar detects, and Acceleration/deceleration are sent to ASC-ECU.


  • The ASC-ECU controls brake pressure based on signals of acceleration/deceleration and the target deceleration received from ACC/FCM-ECU.
  • ASC-ECU triggers the stop lamp when the automatic brake is activated.
  • ASC-ECU internal ACC status is switched based on basically signal of ACC status received from ACC/FCM-ECU and sent as signal.
  • Sends a motor control signal to the PHEV-ECU according to the acceleration/deceleration signals from the ACC/FCM-ECU.

Combination meter
ACC display screen
Contents of display and buzzer are changed according to signal of ACC status, Display request and buzzer request sent from ACC/FCM-ECU when signal of control mode sent from PHEV-ECU is ACC ON.
Cruise control switches
ACC ON/OFF switch
Power switch for ACC.
  • The system activates by pressing the switch briefly (within 1.5 seconds).
  • The cruise control system activates by pressing the switch for certain period (1.5 seconds or more).
ACC distance switch
The distance from vehicle travelling in front is set with the distance switch.
RES + switch

  • Vehicle speed is set with the RES + switch and SET - switch.
  • Set vehicle speed of speed limiter is set with the RES + switch and SET - switch.

SET - switch
CANCEL switch

  • Cancels the constant speed driving.
  • Cancel speed limiter in the activated mode.

Diagnosis connector
If the M.U.T.-III is connected, the diagnosis code and data list from the ACC/FCM-ECU can be read.

  • Signals of state of steering switches (including failure judgement result) are sent.
  • Acceleration/deceleration are controlled according to ACC target torque received from ASC-ECU when ACC mode is ON and ACC status is active.
    The PHEV-ECU includes a plug-in hybrid EV system control section and a cruise control system control section. The ACC target torque sent by the ASC-ECU is sent to the cruise control system control section. The cruise control system control section sends the ACC target torque to the plug-in hybrid EV system control section.


  • Stop lamp ON/OFF circuit which is driven at automatic brake control by ASC-ECU is equipped.
  • The state of ACC set distance switch is sent.

Steering wheel sensor (SAS)
Signals of the steering angle and the steering angle velocity are sent.