The PHEV-ECU integrates all information, which includes the driver’s intention, the vehicle status and the battery status. For the purpose of safe and smooth operation of vehicle, commands are sent based on the integrated information to controllers such as the motor (electric motor unit) and the battery charger.

EV mode

Drives the road wheels by driving the front and rear motors with the drive battery during middle and low speed ranges.

Series hybrid mode

If the drive battery energy level drops, the system will start the engine to generate electricity. The electric motor is driven with this electricity.

Parallel hybrid mode

During high speed driving, the engine, which is more efficient in high speed, will drive the road wheels. In this mode, the front motor also assists the engine.

Energy regeneration mode

During deceleration or driving downslope, the front and rear motors will function as a generator. The kinetic energy during deceleration will be converted to electricity to charge the drive battery.

Charge mode

Like the i-MiEV, the two-way charging system is used; regular charging, and quick charging. Moreover, a remote timed charging system allows the driver to set the timed battery charging and the activation of the air conditioner remotely.