warning When touching the throttle valve, surely shut off the driving circuits of the throttle valve. In the event that the throttle valve is operated, a finger might be injured as the result of being caught by the throttle valve.
caution When throttle body is cleaned, use the M.U.T.-III to initialize the learning value (Refer to GROUP 00, Precautions Before Service - Initialization Procedure for Learning Value in MPI Engine ).
1.Disconnect the electronic-controlled throttle valve connector.
2.Remove the air intake hose from the throttle body.
3.Remove the throttle body assembly.
  • Do not spray the cleaning fluid directly to the throttle valve.
  • Make sure the cleaning fluid does not enter the motor from the bypass line. Also make sure it does not enter the sensor through the shaft.
  • Be careful not to rub off the molybden applied around the throttle valve shaft.
4.Spray the cleaning fluid on a clean cloth.

5.Wipe off the dirt around the throttle valve with the cloth sprayed with cleaning fluid.
6.Install the throttle body assembly.
7.Attach the air intake hose.
8.Connect the electronic-controlled throttle valve connector.