caution When marking the aiming adjustment, be sure to mask those lamps which are not being adjusted.

1.Measure the centre of the front fog lamps, as shown in the illustration.
2.Set the distance between the screen and the centre of the front fog lamps as shown in the illustration.
3.Inflate the types to the specified pressures and there should be no other load in the vehicles other than driver or substituted weight of approximately 75 kg placed in the driver’s position.
4.With the engine running at 2,000 r/min, aim the front fog lamp.
5.Insert a Phillips screwdriver into the service hole and place it on the adjusting screw.

6.Adjust the cut off line (boundary between light and dark) position to the standard value with the adjusting screw.
Standard value:
Vertical direction; 60 mm (1.15°) below horizontal (H)
Vertical direction; 39 mm (0.75°) to 89 mm (1.7°) below the horizontal (H)
note The horizontal direction is non-adjustable.